VBA and Macro Processing with Microsoft Excel

Duration 24 Hours
Category Short Course

Microsoft® Excel Macro is a tool that makes the job easier to handle, share, and read. The function of this language is leading us to efficiency era of making report with Microsoft® Excel with single click. Visual Basic for Application is a powerful language to ease the process in multiple steps to single step. Feel no more frustrations in making documents, reports, calculation and project as well. Leave all pains behind with Macro and VBA for excel.

Macro and VBA for Excel course learn about:

  • Introduction to Macro and VBA concept
  • Record, Store and Run a Macro
  • Looping And Flow Control
  • Event Programming Handling Errors


  • Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Finance

Course Objective:

  • Able to work with Microsoft Excel
  • Able to combine letters and numbers with complex rows and columns
  • Able to create advanced report

Job Related

  • Administration.
  • Secretary.

Suggested Next Courses:

  • MS Access Database
  • Visual Basic.Net

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