Office Automation Package

Duration 60 Hours
Category Short Course
This course study various commercial subjects required to be an office worker, general knowledge and skills of office works using Windows, word processors, spreadsheet and presentation applications software.

Provides first time users with sufficient information to make

  • Practical use of the Windows software package
  • Managing files
  • Modifying system settings
  • Creating graphics
  • Using quick views
  • Creating and using shortcuts
  • Using the help system.

Presents the basics of many of the features and applications included in the Windows package.


  • Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Finance

Course Objectives:
Student can make practical use of the Windows software package.

Course Topics:

  • Microsoft Power Point
      Introduction Microsoft Power Point
      Component and Facility of Microsoft Power Point
      Microsoft Power Point Operation
      Object Implementation
      Template and Master Management
      Picture Design
      Graphic Design
      Imprint Presentation Management
  • Microsoft Windows
      Introduction to Microsoft Windows
      Windows element
      Start Menu Button
      Working with Mouse
      Running Program
      Change Desktop Setting
      Setting Mouse
      Control Panel
  • Microsoft Excel
      Basic Concept Introduction of Ms. Excel
      Basic Excel Operation
      Edit Worksheet
      Worksheet Management
      Format Worksheet
  • Microsoft Word
      Microsoft Word Introduction
      File Document Management
      Typing and Correct Script
      Print Document
      Designing Document
      Document Modification Facility
      Handling Picture Facility
      Mail Merge

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Start Date 11/05/2020
End Date 29/06/2020
Shift PM1
Capacity 10
Location Gajah Mada
City Medan
Start Date 03/06/2020
End Date 17/07/2020
Shift PM1
Capacity 10
Location Gajah Mada
City Medan
Start Date 07/07/2020
End Date 22/08/2020
Shift PM1
Capacity 10
Location Gajah Mada
City Medan