General English for Conversation 2

Duration 40 Hours
Category Language Program

This course is focusing on mastering of English especially in speaking and listening in Intermediate level.


  • People who have passed Conversation 1 Level or placement test at Intermediate/Conversation levels.

Course Objective:

  • Students are able to communicate well in English using the topics and the language focus given.

Course Topics:

  1. Talking about significant events in life
  2. Describing people and personality traits
  3. Describing Moods
  4. Telling a story
  5. Deciding on priorities
  6. Proposing a course of action
  7. Expressing necessity
  8. Discussing class/family differences in marriage
  9. Giving reasons
  10. Debating
  11. Talking about career
  12. Getting and Giving information
  13. Expressing probability
  14. Discussing poverty
  15. Speculating

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