Data Structured Programming with C

Duration 27 Hours
Category Short Course

C is one of programming language that has well known among programmers. C usually called as mid level programming language, because C language is close enough to machine language (which make C program run fast) and close enough to common people (which make C is quite easy to learned). C advanced is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn and implement data structure with C.

This course will explore more depth on:

  • Using various data structures to represent and solves problems


  • Everyone, especially people with basic experience of C Fundamental

Course Objectives:

Familiar to programming language and ready to learn any other programming language

Course Topics:

  • Array of Struct
    • Review of array as a structured data type
    • Review of struct as an abstract, user defined data type
    • Combination of Array and Struct in the form "Array of Struct"
  • Using and Implementing Dynamic Memory Allocation
    • Single Linked List
    • Double Linked List
    • Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree
  • Using Stack and Queue as Techniques of Problem Solving
    • Stack - The LIFO (Last In First Out ) Technique of Data Processing
    • Queue -The FIFO (First In First Out) Technique of Data Processing

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