Logical Programming with C

Duration 24 Hours
Category Short Course

C is one of programming language that has well known among programmers. C usually called as mid level programming language, because C language is close enough to machine language (which make C program run fast) and close enough to common people (which make C is quite easy to learned). C Fundamental is appropriate for anyone who have never learn any programming language and decide to learn programming. This course will start from a little basic programming concepts and end up to topics about functions in C.

This course will explore more depth on:

  • Basic programming concept
  • Statement Input Output (I/O)
  • Flow Control
  • Animation
  • Arrays, pointers and strings
  • Function (return type, parameter, recursive function) 


  • Everyone

Course Objectives:

Familiar to programming language and ready to learn any other programming language

Course Topics:

  • C Overview
    • Compile & Run
    • Include Directives
    • Keyword, Variable & Data Types, Constanta
    • Operators
  • Statement Input Output
    • Statement Output (printf, puts, putchar)
    • Statement Input (getch, getche, getchar, gets, scanf)
  • Flow Control
    • Selection (if, switch)
    • Looping/Iteration (for, while, do..while)
  • Animation
    • Delay
    • Kbhit
    • Random
  • Pointer, Array and String
  • Struct, and Link List
  • Function
    • Return Type Function
    • Parameter Function (transfer by value & transfer by reference)
    • Recursive Function
  • File
    • Open File
    • Process File
    • Close File

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  • Logic and Algorithm with C++ or any other programming language

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