Movie Editing

Duration 15 Hours
Category Short Course

Adobe Premiere is the most adaptable DV-editing tool on the market today. Now you can work more productively with Real-Time Preview. And you can take advantage of the sophisticated new Adobe Title Designer, MPEG-2 export, DVD authoring, powerful audio tools, and more to create extraordinary video productions. Whether you want to edit digital video on your laptop or work with multiple layers of analog footage on a professional, hardware-based, real-time system, Adobe Premiere is the hands-down choice for desktop video editing.

Adobe Premiere course learns about:

  • Editing Techniques in Premiere
  • Adding transitions, title, and motion
  • Superimposing
  • Adding Effects

Students of Adobe Premiere course will be able to edit video resources, applying transitions, motion, creating title, applying effects, impose the resources and render to final output.


  • Programmer
  • IT/Technical Staff
  • Web Programmer

Course Objectives:

  • Familiar with Adobe Premiere working area
  • Learning basic and advanced editing techniques
  • Capable to edit, impose and create Final edit movie

Job Related :

  • Video Editor

Course Topics:

  • Getting to know the work area
  • Video Editing ? Trimming, Cutting, Manipulating
  • Superimposing
  • Effects

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