Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET

Duration 30 Hours
Category Short Course

This course will guide you to explore the state of the art Database Technology from Microsoft, the ADO.NET. What you get from ADO.NET is flexibility, stronger architecture, secure, and more extensible with XML. In addition you will experience to create report with Crystal Report.

Overall, this course will offer you knowledge about:
  • Understanding Database technology from Microsoft, from ODBC to ADO.NET
  • Using SQL Statement
  • Understanding ADO.NET Architecture and Classes
  • Using ADO.NET in Database Application
  • Using Crystal Report
  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • IT Project Leader
Course Objectives:
  • Able to create a real world database application with ADO.NET
Course Topics:
  • Universal Data Access
  • DataProvider
  • DataAdapter
  • DataSet
  • SQL Statement
  • Command
  • Crystal Report
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Start Date 20/05/2019
End Date 12/06/2019
Shift AM2
Capacity 10
Location Gajah Mada
City Medan
Start Date 27/06/2019
End Date 18/07/2019
Shift PM1
Capacity 10
Location Gajah Mada
City Medan